Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Countdown - Day 1: Six of Swords

Today is the first day of my Tarot Advent Calendar Christmas Countdown, Thursday 1st of December 2011. Here's a quick reminder of my intention for this 24 day advent calendar reading: "Please show for myself & all living beings a clear path to creating a solid foundation for our collective great wisdom and transformation." 

So here we are on the very first step of the journey aiming for great wisdom & transformation for myself and all living beings. The card is Six of Swords of The Shadowscape Tarot.

I get a sense of our collective exhaustion having overcome many trials and tribulations. As this year draws to an end, there is an accompanying feeling of collapse, having managed to deal with all the challenges and now being able to rise far above them, finally getting a chance to rest and reflect with the advantage of some breathing space and perspective.

Do you ever find yourself getting ill or run down when you get to your holidays? In today's busy busy busy society, finding a bit of sanctuary space can be a rarity unless we are able to actively schedule it in. If we aren't able to look after ourselves well most of the time eventually our bodies force us to take a break, even if that means confined to your bed with colds or flus. The end of the yearly cycle is a good time to nourish ourselves and look within, especially if we 'haven't had time' to do so throughout the year.

The swords represent the air element which can indicate the worries, concerns, the fraught nervous systems that have been the result of all the stresses we have had to endure this year. In this card, the person is snuggled up in comfort on the back of a swan, a symbol for grace and beauty, and looks like she or he is getting some much needed respite from the bleak and daunting scene below.

The sparseness in this image also brings to mind the harshness of winter and our natural desire to hibernate. Although nature reminds us that it is time to slow down at winter time, our man-made landscape, electric lighting, the 9-5s, shift work and alarm clocks keep us imprisoned behind imaginary metal bars (the swords) and exhausts us by forcing us to go against the grain. 

Is this a sustainable way to live? Unless we ensure that we are getting adequate rest, relaxation & connection to nature, we can endanger ourselves with chronic fatigue, adrenal burn out, severe ill health, or even accidents due to poor concentration and lack of mindfulness. 

Winter is time for recuperation and recovery from the year's onslaughts. This six of swords gives us the wisdom and good fortune of some time out this festive season to assess the way we live our life. Boost your immune system by eating well and keeping warm and cosy. Let's get plenty of sleep and dream deeply of all our hopes and wishes for the coming year.

With love & wisdom,


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